Your Stores, Your Products!

Whether you are looking to raise funds for your cause, an easier way to take orders for your team’s fans, or you just want to get your products into the hands of people who support you. Printboy Stores is the new & innovative way to do that!

Fundraiser Store

Raise funds for your cause, team & charity!
$ 0 Always Free!

Campaign Store

Raise funds for your cause, team & charity!
$ 100 One Time Setup Fee

Fulfilment Store

Raise funds for your cause, team & charity!
$ 250 One Time Setup Fee
pro plus

Store Types

Since launching Printboy Stores to help our customers raise funds or collect and distribute orders in an easier way, we have seen how great of an impact they can have for your cause.

While we will always have a free store option, we have introduced more comprehensive stores for those that have greater demands and audience.

Store Setup Fees

In most cases we find Printboy Stores Free will fit your needs. However sometimes you may need a little more flexibility or speed. In order to meet those demands Pro and Pro+ stores require a one time fee to begin. The setup fees allow us to give these stores more attention to detail and more options so that they can reach their demand.

free stores cost $0
pro & PRO+ stores require a one time deposit, per store.

Designs Per Store

Your artwork is your brand and your brand is everything. We limit designs per stores to ensure quality printed products in a timely manner. While Pro & Pro+ stores can have multiple designs, Free stores are limited to one. However, this design can be put on multiple products!

free store: 1 design per store up to 3 products.
pro & PRO+ Stores: 2-3 designs per store up to 20 products.

Products Per Store

We offer a multitude of in demand products that will wow your customers. From super soft t-shirts, to name brand hoodies and polos. Not just garments, Printboy can produce vinyl stickers, posters, car decals and more-- all in-house. Better yet, you can offer these products on your custom Printboy Store!

free store: up to 3 various products
pro & PRO+ stores: up to 20 various products

Printboy Shared Domain

When creating a custom Printboy Free Store, your store will be linked under This link you can share via social networks, text message, QR code and more to get your audience to your store. If you are looking to mask your store inside your own domain, Pro+ stores offer that and we can handle the details for you.

free store domain:
pro & PRO+ DOMAIN:

Pickup & Ship Options

When creating stores you have a couple of options to get your products to your customers. Printboy Free stores offer Pickup Option where once your store orders are fulfilled, you get a box with all your orders sorted inside in which you can distribute (great for teams, company orders etc). Pro & Pro+ stores offer both a pickup option and direct shipping options if needed.

free store: bulk order Pickup option only
pro & PRO+: bulk order pickup & direct shipping options

Fulfilment Times

All versions of Printboy Stores are, at their core, a fulfilment service of some type. Majority of your stores will have a date range where all orders are placed and once orders are closed, the fulfilment times start. Free stores have a 2-3 week max turnaround time, where Pro & Pro+ are next day to 1 week. Keep this in mind when having due dates for events.

free store: 2 – 3 week after store close date.
pro & pro+ stores: 1 week after store close date – next day after order

Name & Numbers

Want to allow your fans to put their favorite players name and number on their jersey or car decal? Or maybe you want to collect special information from your customers and put it on display. Personalization is no problem! Make every product you sell unique with your customers name, gamertag or handles!

free store: no personalization options
pro & PRO+ stores: unlimited personalization options

Revenue Shares

At Printboy we strive to make quality products at an affordable price. That same idea also applies for our fulfilment stores. Many fulfilment stores lock you into set prices you have no control over with a fixed percentage from 5-10%. Unacceptable. Your pricing is determined by you. Our stores owners average between 20%-30% profit from each product sold. In some cases owners make over 50% on sales, while others choose to offer their products at cost and raise zero funds as they are just wanting a way to easily get products to their customers as easy and cheap as possible.

Custom Domains

While not available for Printboy Free & Pro stores, Pro+ stores offer to allow you to sell your products under your own domain via CNAMEs. In short, instead of having a link, you can have a custom domain like Whether you want to link to a current domain you own, or have us register and link an available domain you want (included in the Pro+ setup fee), we can do it and we can handle the technical details for you. Just sit back and share your new fancy link!

free store & Pro stores: shared domain option only
 PRO+ store: custom domain or shared domain options

On-Demand Fulfilment

When signing up for a Pro+ store you gain the option of instant order fulfilment. Although most store cases do not need this when its a school, team, fundraiser etc, stores for streamers, retail brands etc need to be able to offer a variety of products and have them produced and shipped within days. If this is the case, Pro+ stores are for you. Rest assured your customers get their products printed with quality and in a timely fashion.

Watch Us Live!

Ever wonder how your shirts get printed? How exactly do they expose screens? Want to see how your order is produced start to finish? Watch & Chat live with our crew and get answers to all of your questions!

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